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A dentist in Orpington with over half a century of service

We have provided the local community with over fifty years of high quality dental service as a dentist in Orpington. We believe that long-lasting dental care starts with the young, so we treat all ages from children to adults. Many of our patients are the descendents of our original patients, who have grown up and started their own families and still live in the local community.

Extending our service and always improving

In 2009 Cray Dental Care commissioned an extensive refurbishment of the practice and installed the latest technologically advanced equipment available. As a dentist in Orpington we wanted to be able to provide our patients with an extensive range of treatments to suit all needs. To keep up with the ever-changing advances in dental care our team also regularly attend training on the latest developments in dentistry and dental equipment.

Cosmetic dentistry

If you were born with misaligned teeth or they have become stained over time, or you have chipped or even lost one or two through accident or tooth decay, we can correct all those imperfections. Our faces are becoming more and more visible with the advent of smartphone cameras. We are eager to share our smiles around the world. Selfies have made a smile even more of a priority feature and we all want to look our best for those sudden impromptu photographs. Of course your teeth must also be sound and healthy so that they can function as well as possible, apart from looking good when you smile.

Our menu of treatments for a healthy mouth

Our dentist in Orpington provides the full array of treatments, general, preventive and cosmetic dentistry as well as orthodontic treatment for the whole family. Our team will do a complete examination of your teeth, gums, jaws and the inside of your mouth, recording as we go by X-ray and 3D scanning every inch of your mouth. This allows us to make an informed decision after an assessment of the results of our investigation. We then discuss with the patient what our examination has revealed and how best to treat the conditions that have been found. There may be a need for a simple filling or perhaps root canal treatment. Whatever the recommendation is we will always give the patient all the facts, as they must be the one who makes the final decision.

Dental care, the path to a healthy body

All our food and drink passes through our mouth and it is therefore an essential part of our entire wellbeing that we take good care of our teeth, gums, jaws and mouth.

We strive to educate our patients from an early age of the importance of our mouths and how a healthy mouth promotes a healthy body. A patient's mouth is full of bacteria, most of which is harmless, but when we allow our teeth and gums to deteriorate we expose our digestive and respiratory tracts to harmful bacteria. Following a dentist's advice regarding proper twice a day brushing and flossing will help to keep your oral bacteria under control resulting in a healthier body.


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