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Been told by our dentist you need a crown?Five advantages of this restorative treatment

If you need a restorative crown, our dentist in Orpington can help. At Cray Dental Care, our team is experienced at restoring teeth that are either decayed, fractured or require more extensive filling, and can help you get back the functionality of your mouth.

But, why should you say yes to having a crown fitted by our dentist in Orpington? Are there any benefits versus a simple extraction if the tooth is decayed?


Indeed, in dentistry today, many teeth can be restored using crowns, meaning that teeth no longer need to be extracted and you can retain complete functionality. Also, in instances where decay has eroded one part of your tooth more significantly, a crown can be fitted to create a more even surface on the prepared tooth, making it easier to chew food.


If you have ever had a root canal, chances are that once it was completed it was topped off with a crown.

When completing root canals, our dentist in Orpington will often seal the procedure in place with a crown, protecting the work and the tooth from further decay and infection. Of course, crowns are often porcelain coloured, so no one has to know you have had one fitted; protecting both your teeth and your smile!


Has your tooth cracked down the middle?

It can happen and is often the result of a force impacting you in the mouth, usually after an accident or collision. In these cases, our team will often choose a dental crown to hold your fractured tooth together securely. Placing the crown over the cracked tooth prevents bacteria getting access to the crack and also creates an even surface for you to bite or chew with. Brilliant!


Have you had a dental implant and are waiting for your jaw to grow around it?

In these instances, our team will place a temporary crown over the implant, allowing you to eat without worry and of course, filling in any gaps until your final prosthesis is placed.


Do you have an oddly coloured or shaped tooth?

In the same way a crown can hold a fractured tooth together, our team may fit one over your unusual tooth, to create a whiter and more symmetrical smile. Who knew crowns were so versatile!


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