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Enjoy the services provided by your dentist in Orpington

Oral health care can be an enjoyable experience, especially when you choose a dentist in Orpington who is compassionate, understanding and listens to your needs. Here at our dental practice, we can proudly say we tick these boxes, and many more, enabling us to create lasting and meaningful professional relationships with our patients. This is in order to understand their aspirations for their smile, to create a bespoke oral health treatment plan that meets their unique needs.

So if looking to find a professional team who make it common practice to go above and beyond the standard level of care, make it your priority to seek the genuine care and support that is only found here at your local dentist in Orpington.

How do I book an appointment?

You can contact us in any one of the regular ways, whether it be on the phone or online to discuss your unique situation with us so that we are able to provide you with the best service. If you have not been to a dentist in Orpington for some time, whether it be due to past trauma and fear or simply because you haven’t had the time, then a routine and thorough consultation will be in order to have a look at the current state of your oral health.

Knowing that our non-judgemental and understanding team are here to help and address any concerns you might have about this consultation, might give you the confidence that you need to progress forward with your oral health care. We do respect that coming to see a dental professional might be daunting or embarrassing, but take heart in knowing that we have changed the lives of many others in your situation. We appreciate the reality of the difficulty involved in forming good, new habits when many people are not finding the time to regularly visit their oral healthcare practitioner.

How often should I visit the practice?

We generally advise our patients to book an appointment for a routine check-up twice a year as this gives us the ability to monitor slight changes that could be occurring in your teeth and gums. Within this time frame, we can act swiftly on any deterioration, ensuring that a preventive approach is our first option, before needing to resort to restorative treatments.

What can I expect from my initial consultation?

Your initial consultation will be a little different from subsequent check-ups as we need to get to know you and your smile that little bit better. Firstly, we will ask you some questions pertaining to your oral health and your general well-being. As your body is a holistic entity, everything impacts everything else, so please don’t hesitate to mention aspects about your health that are significant to you, even if you do not consider them to have anything to do with your teeth.

After discussing these details, a professional will examine your mouth, your teeth and your gums and may also take X-rays to understand your bite and jaw a little better. Towards the end of the consultation, we will discuss results with you, as well as recommendations on any further action.


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