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Getting to know our dentist in Orpington

At our dentist in Orpington, we strongly believe that everyone deserves a healthy and happier smile! Our team of experienced dental healthcare professionals boast a wealth of experience within general practice, whilst promoting a passionate approach towards the dentistry they provide. In addition to our friendly team of dentists, we also ensure our fees are both competitive and thus affordable for our patients. Our team offers a superior standard of care to both our new and old patients’: continuing their professional development by staying up to date with the latest technological advancements to ensure our patients achieve the best possible results for their individual case.

Become a member, at our dentist in Orpington.

At our practice, we offer our members a wide array of benefits. If you are looking to become a Cray dental care member (or simply wish to arrange a free cosmetic consultation) then why not get in touch with a member of our team now! Our team welcome both National Health Service (NHS) and private patients’, and we are more than ready to exceed all of your expectations!

Meet the Cray dental care team.

At our practice within Orpington, we take great pride in upholding the highest of standards across all elements of our work, our team is no exception. Every single one of our experienced dentists adheres to the strictest of guidelines set out by the ‘General Dental Council’ (also commonly referred to as the ‘GDC’ within the field). Our surgery boasts a close-knit team of four highly experienced dentists, in addition to our dental hygienist to take care of all of your oral health needs! As well as our dentists we also have dental nurses, a practice manager, and even a treatment coordinator.

What are our patients’ saying about our services?

We believe our practice is something to shout about, but don’t just take our word for it! Our dental specialists have gained a positive reputation within both the local and surrounding areas. In addition to this recognition, we also boast an impressive array of positive patient testimonials on our modern and easy to navigate website. Just one of our happy previous patients’ describes themselves as being ‘amazed’ by our team, whilst being ‘grateful’ to our dentists for giving them not only a new smile but a new lease of confidence too!

Could our services work for you?

If our dental specialists and modern dental practice sound like the perfect solution for your smile, then why not get in touch with a member of our friendly team now? Located near the end of our website we not only offer our patients’ a full description of our opening hours (we offer flexible working hours to accommodate our patients’ busy work and social lives). However, we also provide our exact geographical location, and a ‘contact us’ option too!

Want to learn more?

Our ‘contact us’ form allows our patients’ to provide our team with a few personal details to start their treatment journey! This option can be a perfect route for individuals who do not have time to write a lengthy email or schedule a phone call into their working week. Despite this convenient option, however, we also understand that many of our patients’ may prefer a more direct approach, (or may have a complicated dental case that requires more information) which is why we also offer a telephone number on our website!


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