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Good reasons for you to engage with a dentist in Orpington

Often we find that our mouths can be the one area that can feel the effects of illness within other parts of our bodies; the fact is our oral health and well-being may be one of the biggest contributing influences to the way our bodies feel at any given moment. Being aware of this fact can only lead to us becoming more aware of the need to maintain the highest possible standards within our oral hygiene.

You may be brushing your teeth twice a day. As you know, this is a vital activity in your fight for strong oral health and hygiene since it is something that many of us desire as we feel that it is something that will help to improve the quality of life that we enjoy and live.

Brushing and flossing are not the only activities we should take part in if we are to achieve the best possible oral health that we can, as there are times when we require advice and assistance from trained professionals who are to be found at a dentist in Orpington.

At Cray Dental Care, our highly qualified professionals are confident that they can help every one of our patients to achieve and maintain the quality of oral hygiene that they desire to have. But this begins with you agreeing to engage with our practice to undergo your regular oral health checkups and receive any dental treatments you may need.

Important time in the dental chair

Some of the most important time you can spend at a dentist in Orpington is when you are there to undergo your oral health checkups, as the examinations and their findings at these appointments form the basis for all the care you receive from our team. These are the times when the early stages of a developing oral issue can be spotted, and action can be taken to prevent it from worsening; this could prevent you from needing invasive dental treatment in the future.

Another purpose of these appointments is to create a time for dialogue between the patient being treated and the professional providing the care through an open and honest conversation where different points of view are aired. Both the patient and the professional can work together to create the best plan for dental care to be provided.

Should it be found that you require some form of dental treatment, then the professional involved in your care will outline this to you, along with the ways that any treatment will be of benefit to you. Where possible, different options will be put forward for your consideration.

We will always endeavour to put you at the heart of any treatment that we provide to you. Remember, we will never force any treatment upon you, and you will always have the right to refuse treatment at any point but then change your mind at some point in the future.

Your dental practice

While we would like to be your new dentist in Orpington, we are aware that this is an important decision for you to make, so we invite you to contact our practice to find out more about the ways we can help you with your oral health and hygiene needs.

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