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Our motherhood dental services

At Cray Dental Care, we take pride in meeting the needs of all our patients and we understand that between midwife appointments and other preparations, dental care is low down on your list. Our team wish to be your pregnancy dentist in Orpington and want you to know we're here if you require us.

There is a great deal of stress on the mother's body throughout pregnancy and when we treat you, we understand that there are two patients to consider, with any hazards to the baby being considered and discussed before treatment proceeds with our dentist in Orpington.

It almost a stereotype at a baby shower to discuss the many medical ailments that commonly come along with pregnancy; the morning skinless, swollen ankles from water retention. The one that isn't really talked about is the impact on your teeth and gums which are very common, but because they aren't talked about, they can be disturbing to a new mother.

Common dental issues during pregnancy

HIG or hormonally induced gingivitis

The hormones released into the bloodstream have systemic effects which can be required to facilitate healthy development in utero, but they also have unwanted side-effects. Gingivitis causing bacteria are always present in anyone's mouth and are usually kept in check by your immune system, but with hormonal triggers, your body experiencing a very aggressive out brake of gingivitis is common. There are medicated mouthwashes which can be prescribed which will stop this progressing to gum disease.

Sudden enamel erosion

Some enamel erosion occurs in everyone. The most noticeable symptom is sensitivity to hot and cold, as a thinner enamel has resulted in exposed dentine. This rapid rate of erosion occurs in pregnancy because the mother's teeth have been de-calcified this is done to make the calcium available to the developing fetus.

Adding to this is the acid damage that comes along with morning sickness, which also reduces the opportunity that your body has to absorb dietary calcium.

Oral pregnancy tumours

Pyogenic granulomas are benign growths forming on the gums; they can 'hang' into the mouth and although not painful in their own right, they can very easily be accidentally bitten. They are more common in the second trimester and can be very distressing but are largely harmless. If they are making eating or breathing difficult they can be surgically removed.

Dental care during pregnancy

It's important to maintain your oral hygiene throughout your pregnancy. Continue using fluoride toothpaste appropriately and over the counter anti-gingivitis mouth wash. If you don't regularly floss, start with interdental brushes as you are less likely to damage your gums if you are new to flossing.

Don't skip your dentist in Orpington check-ups and mention you are pregnant to our staff when you enter the clinic. We will facilitate your care based on your pregnancy trimester and will devise a care plan for the next 9 months to ensure that you and your baby remain healthy.

Also, congratulations and feel to call if you have any further questions.


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