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Something for the whole family at a dentist in Orpington

While the world gets more busy and different members of the family are being pulled in different directions it can be difficult to keep everyone in place long enough to ensure that their oral health is taken care of. Which is why at Cray Dental care we have services that can suit each need that a different member of your family may have from children’s teeth to orthodontics, root canals and implants, we have a service that can suit everybody under the same roof. No need to rush one kid to a specialist in the afternoon while another needs a more general check-up, we can do it all right here at your dentist in Orpington.

General dentistry

Has dad got a sore tooth he keeps grumping about but never gets fixed? Well its definitely time to bring him in because tooth pain is never something that should be ignored, and no, it will not just go away either. It could be the sign of something as simple as a cavity which we can fix in about 45 minutes or something much worse like an infection deep within the tooth that will need to be cleaned out and maybe even treated with antibiotics.

Root canal treatment for infections - if you or someone in your family is in need of a root canal, the whole house is going to know about it because the pain of an infected too can become unbearable while the root canal treatment itself won’t be felt as we always numb our patient’s mouths before beginning any work, a root canal is a necessary treatment that we conduct weekly, our aim is to take the pain and infection away so that you can continue to live your life to it’s fullest.

Something for the kids

Having your children come in early and regularly to the dentist in Orpington can stop any dental anxieties before they even begin which is why we encourage even the smallest members of the family to come to have a ride in the dentist’s chair. There are treatments for little ones too that will ensure the longevity and health of their teeth, fluoride treatments keep teeth strong while fissure sealants will keep any food and debris out of the back molars until they are old enough to take their oral health properly.


Teens and even adults can benefit from a wide range of orthodontics today that gently push and pull the teeth into the correct position for a more beautiful smile. Speak to your dentist in Orpington to find out more, we have something for every family budget so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Missing teeth

The older we get, the weaker and shorter our teeth become and there will eventually come a time when grandparents need dentures, luckily in dentistry today we have a treatment called dental implant surgery which places titanium implants into the jaw to support a set of dentures so that they do not fall out causing embarrassment at the worst moments. Having implants also supports the health of the jaw bone itself and will probably outlast the person wearing them so they are a one-time investment.


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