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Which cosmetic treatments can our dentist provide?

In the world of dentistry, there are many options to choose from when it comes to getting cosmetic treatments. Here at Cray Dental, we provide the most popular and effective cosmetic treatments to help you to improve the look of your smile, no matter how big or small the severity of your case is.

Fixed braces

You have probably heard about or known someone with braces, and might be interested in getting them yourself. Their purpose is to straighten your teeth as much as possible, which is great if you are looking to try and improve your natural teeth as opposed to replacing or covering them.

We offer a few different types of braces, the first one being fixed braces. These have been around for a while, and are a staple when it comes to straightening smiles efficiently. These braces involve our dentist in Orpington using small brackets, which are attached to the front of your teeth, and wires which connect all of them together. It is also likely that we will use elastic bands to help with tightening.

The wire and bracket mechanism works by gently pulling your teeth into a straighter position. You will come into our practice for check-up appointments every few weeks, which allows us to monitor your progress and tighten the braces when needed.

Composite fillings

If you have holes in your tooth/teeth, our dentist in Orpington can help you with this by giving you fillings. A lot of the time, fillings may be a metallic colour, which can stand out from the rest of your teeth. Whereas when you get composite fillings, they are tooth-coloured, so can blend in with your teeth to create a more natural look. Although the metal-coloured fillings may last slightly longer, if you are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing option, then composite fillings would be a great choice for you.

We provide fillings as a way of repairing our patients’ natural teeth if they are ever damaged by decay or injury. They allow us to do our best to fix and maintain your natural teeth, instead of extracting them.


Another treatment that we provide is the use of porcelain veneers, which can be such a good option if you have teeth that are discoloured or chipped. A veneer is a white, tooth-shaped piece of porcelain that is attached to the front of each individual tooth, which is very effective in covering imperfections.

A lot of our patients choose veneers because they allow you to completely change the look of your smile, whether it is a single tooth or a full set. Our veneers will be custom-made just for you, taking into account things like your face shape and mouth size. We will ensure that your veneers are right for you and that you are happy with them before we attach them. With a regular oral hygiene routine, your veneers can last for around 25 years!

Teeth whitening

The final cosmetic treatment that we offer here at our practice is teeth whitening. Sometimes, discolouration is unavoidable, such as with age, but also doing things like drinking coffee and smoking can accelerate this. If you have discolouration, then whitening could be for you. Our dentist in Orpington will do this by creating a custom tray that fits your teeth, using a bleaching agent to try and get rid of any stains on the surface of your teeth, also brightening the shade to a whiter colour.


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