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Why choose our Dentist in Orpington?

At our dental clinic located within Orpington, we boast an impressive array of dental healthcare professionals who all share the same passion for the dentistry they provide. Every member of our fantastic team adheres to the strict guidelines governed by the general dental council (GDC) to ensure our patients’ are in safe hands, every time. In addition to delivering our treatments within a clean, modern, and relaxed dental environment we also offer our patients’ a multitude of dental procedures (therefore embracing both a high quality of dentistry whilst promoting variety).

Our ethos.

Choosing the right dental surgery can be a tough decision for many patients which is why our clinic strives to stand out! In addition to offering competitive pricing, we also use cutting edge dental technology to ensure our patients achieve the best possible dental results. If you are looking for a trustworthy practice that has been established for over fifty years then our clinic could be the perfect option for your smile.

Staying on top of your oral health with our Dentist in Orpington

Within the modern field of dentistry, many treatments are now enhanced by the latest advancements within dental technology, this ensures that an extensive range of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments are now becoming widely available. Despite the ever-increasing variety of more complex dental treatments now on offer we also promote the importance of general dentistry (prevention is always better than the cure!).

What to expect from a check-up at our Dentist in Orpington

Many patients (especially those who feel anxious within a dental environment) may prefer to know what to expect from their bi-annual appointment (suggested by our dentists every six months) which is why we display a list of our general dental treatments on our website.

Taking care of your smile.

In addition to a general oral assessment which can be expected by the majority of patients within a standard check-up (which may include a general examination, detection of cavities and decay, a scale and polish cleaning treatment, and even oral cancer screenings and x-rays) we also offer fillings, dentures, and even dental implants!

What do our patients say?

Patient testimonials are becoming increasingly important within the field of dentistry and could be considered invaluable for many individuals when finding the right clinic (or treatment) for their smile. With this in mind we display an extensive array of our patient reviews on our website, this not only allows our potential patients to gain an alternative perspective but can also help them decide which treatment is right for them.

To name just one example.

One example of our positive patient testimonials states that our services helped restore the patients worn teeth whilst allowing her to regain confidence within her smile! If you are interested in receiving our dental services then you may be wondering as to how to get in touch with our team.

Helping you achieve your dream smile.

Located on our modern and accessible website we not only provide our direct contact details (such as our number, email address, and exact location) however we also give our patients the chance to fill out an online consultation form, therefore ensuring even our busiest patients can pay us a visit!


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