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Let your best smile shine thanks to a quality dentist in Orpington

Moving with the times

Here at Cray Dental Care, our practice in Orpington has been serving the residents of the community and beyond with an unparalleled, comprehensive dental service for over 50 years. As you could imagine, a lot has changed within that time, and we’ve strived to adapt and alter our services to fit the needs and requirements of each patient as they evolve and develop. Over the past decade, we’ve noticed an increasing amount of young and old patients are turning to our dentist in Orpington to improve the aesthetics of their smiles, rather than address a structural or preventive issue as once was the most popular type of procedure. Cohesive smiles

One of the most positively received and successful forms of cosmetic dentistry we provide here at Cray Dental Care, is the installation of dental veneers. These are a permanent cosmetic solution to a wide range of issues that patients may have with their teeth - such as small gaps between them, or stains or discolouration. Veneers are wafer-thin layers of tooth coloured porcelain which are permanently bonded to the front of a patient's teeth by our cosmetic specialist dentist in Orpington. Once applied to the front of the patient's teeth, their teeth have a far more cohesive and together look, as well as being far whiter and brighter than before, as all superficial stains are covered with a bright and white porcelain shell. Brightening up your day

Another, vastly popular form of treatment which we offer here at Cray Dental Care is cosmetic tooth whitening. This, as you may imagine, is a process which has been designed to clean and brighten your teeth and give them a healthier and whiter shine. This form of treatment has grown in popularity exponentially across all age demographics, and is now one of the most popular forms of treatment provided by our cosmetic dentist in Orpington. The process of undertaking cosmetic teeth whitening from us here at Cray Dental Care initially consists of a consultation period, to establish whether or not you are eligible for tooth whitening and assess your overall oral health - as teeth have to be a certain level of strength to undertake cosmetic whitening. Thereafter, a custom-built mould will be made of your teeth, into which a peroxide-based whitening gel is placed and applied directly to your teeth. This whitening gel eradicates any superficial stains or discolouration to your teeth and restores their natural whiteness and shine. This, in turn, can have a massively positive impact on the self-confidence of those who seek treatment as they find their smiles entirely renewed. Filling in the spaces

Another popular form of cosmetic dentistry which we offer here at Cray Dental Care, are white fillings. Dental fillings are a common form of dentistry which most adults will have to endure at some point or the other at least once. They are used in instances when a patient's tooth has become mildly decayed and must be cleaned and filled. Typical, NHS funded fillings are steel coloured and referred to as metal amalgam fillings. Whilst these are effective in their duties, they can often become dislodged over time and are also clearly visible within the patient's mouth. Because of this, a large proportion of our patients are seeking white composite fillings. These are constructed from a far stronger adhesive, and therefore are a more permanent solution. Additionally, as you’ve probably guessed, they are white and as such blend in perfectly with the patient’s surrounding teeth.

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