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We would love to welcome you to our dentist in Orpington

It can be a little scary to go to a new dentist in Orpington. We understand that it is important to establish a relationship with your oral health care professional and that this takes time and attention. Rest assured that your dentist in Orpington is an individual who is determined to offer you the very best in oral health care that is unique to you.

We seek to find holistic solutions to improve your general health and wellbeing, knowing that there are indeed intimate links between your teeth and gums and the rest of your body. No concern is too small for us to consider, so please feel free to speak with us about things that are of a concern to you, as you may find your oral health could be a contributor, a link or a reason for some other conditions that you have in your body.

At the initial consultation, we will need to find out a few things about you, generally through a questionnaire that you are invited to fill out as you wait to see your dentist in Orpington. There will be some broad questions on there for you to answer, such as queries on any past dental history if you can remember, your medical history, your diet, lifestyle choices and wishes and desires from your time spent in the dental practice.

Your oral health care professional will look through these answers and ask further questions on them in order to establish a general understanding of your oral health and your overall health. Because what you eat and some lifestyle choices have a huge impact on the health of your teeth, we would like to know these aspects about your life, even if they do not seem particularly relevant.

Why do some people need to find a new oral health care professional?

There are many reasons why you will find yourself in need of going to a new dental practice. It may be because you have recently moved into town, perhaps to study, to be closer to family or for a new working opportunity.

Shifting house or town are upheavals and we respect that your oral health is not the first thing on your mind, especially since you’re only expected to come in and see a professional regarding the health of your teeth and gums twice a year on average. These things can slip your mind and as time goes on, it can become more and more difficult to make yourself go. We can get a little embarrassed and continue to put it off until some kind of fear tends to get in the way.

Fear is a big factor in a lot of people’s lives when it comes to entering a dental practice. Perhaps fear was installed into us as children, listening to horror stories of parents and others. It could be a situation of your own, causing you to begin dreading dental visits until you simply began not going.

Whatever the reason, we endeavour to make your new experiences with caring for your teeth a lot more pleasant and ones where real results can be seen and achieved.


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