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What are the signs that indicate it is time for a check-up at the dentist?

As a caring dental practice, our highly competent dentist in Orpington at Cray Dental Care clinic strongly encourages patients to schedule regular dental visits – at least once a year if not more frequently. We cannot stress enough the importance of these appointments where we conduct oral health assessments by examining your mouth to make sure that there are no red flags to worry about.

Timely intervention by a dentist in Orpington is critical to treat poor oral health problems and bring about successful outcomes that save patients time and money in the long run. If you are not sure when last you’ve sat in the dentist’s chair, the following signs may be helpful to make that consultation appointment without delay.

When is it time to visit a dentist in Orpington?

Persistent bad breath

When bad breath just won’t go away, no matter what course of action you take, then it is best to seek the advice of a professional dental practitioner. There are a number of underlying problems that give rise to bad breath and an experienced dentist can quickly zero in on the problem and make suitable recommendations.

Swollen, inflamed or bleeding gums

Your gums are one of the most sensitive and vulnerable areas of the mouth and any sign of abnormality such as swelling or redness is cause for concern. Often, inflammation in the gums is a result of the invasion of bad bacteria in the affected area. Left undiagnosed and untreated, the problem with inflamed gums can escalate into bigger gum disease problems such as gingivitis.

Teeth sensitivity

When consuming hot or cold treats becomes less pleasurable and more of a torturous experience thanks to twinges and tooth sensitivity, then it is time to have your teeth checked by a qualified dentist.


Here is one dental problem that is extremely hard to ignore and can disrupt your everyday life. It is not part of their normal functioning for teeth to give pain, so when you do experience toothaches that keep recurring or last for a few days or more, your visit to a dental practitioner is overdue.

Loose or broken dental devices

Patients who have received cosmetic, restorative or orthodontic dental care need to be extra vigilant in the upkeep of their dental devices. Veneers, dental crowns and dental implants all require you to have good oral health if you are to protect the benefits that they offer. Damaged or broken orthodontic tools will delay the outcome of your treatment plan, which means getting them fixed on a visit to your dental clinic is of the utmost importance.

Chips, cracks and fractures

If the exterior structure of the tooth suffers an injury such as cracks or fractures, you should seek the care of a professional dental practitioner. Fractured enamel opens the door to germs and bacteria entering the weaker inner layers of the tooth where much damage can be done resulting in tooth loss.

Trust Cray Dental Care clinic for exceptional dental care at competitive rates. At our highly reputed clinic we offer patients effective treatment plans and procedures, as well as the best quality dental materials available. Make us your preferred choice for a caring dental practitioner with a patient-focused approach.


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