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What to expect from a biannual check-up at your local dentist in Orpington

Many patients, particularly those who experience anxiety when going to the dentist, can be reassured beforehand through an explanation of what to expect when going to get dental treatment. Many dental clinics are now choosing to adopt a patient-centred dental approach, which essentially results in a tailor-made dental plan customised for each dental case. However there are still several standardised dental procedures that are typically delivered within a dental appointment, one of which is a thorough examination of a patient’s teeth sometimes involving X-rays.

Taking care of your smile

Much like many other modern dental clinics, at Cray Dental Care situated within the heart of Orpington, we choose to prioritise preventive dental work, therefore working to keep our patients’ smiles healthy, consequently reducing the chances of more serious health concerns developing later on. If you are aiming to stay on top of your oral health, then we encourage you to speak to any one of the members of our highly experienced dental team!

Feeling anxious prior to your visit to our dentist in Orpington?

Dental anxiety is extremely common, and is typically triggered by negative childhood experiences at a young age, although there are a whole range of causes for individual dental phobias. It is important to remember that you are not alone in being worried about the dentist, and that we will do our best to help you through and maybe even overcome some of your worries. Despite the very common misconceptions within the field of dental care, dental phobias can be experienced by patients of all ages, not simply toddlers and children. There is nothing to be embarrassed about, and we are always happy to help you in any way that you may need.

What can I do about my nervousness?

Many patients who are experiencing dental anxiety may be tempted to reschedule, postpone, or even refrain from attending their appointment at our dental clinic altogether. If you are nervous or worried in any way prior to your visit to our practice, then why not talk to a member of our friendly and attentive dental team, in order to discuss the possible solutions, whilst we work to cater for your unique needs and requirements.

Why choose our dentist in Orpington?

When looking for a dentist, there is so much competition now with dental clinics offering various services and treatments to suit every individual patient. We keep this in mind, and continually strive to be unique and always give our best, therefore offering our loyal patients our optimal possible service to ensure a good experience every time.

So what makes our dental services so unique?

Situated in Orpington, our dental services not only embrace the latest advancements within dental technology and the newest dental materials, (therefore ensuring our patients achieve the best possible dental results), but we also embrace variety too. Our dental team not only specialises within the fields of dental implants, general dentistry, and even orthodontic dental care, however we also implement plenty of other cosmetic dental treatments.

Considering receiving our dental services?

If our services look like they could work for you, then why not get in touch with our practice? Located on our website, we not only offer our new patients our direct contact details (such as our telephone number), but we also offer a ‘book online’ option.


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